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Providing Access to Quality Education: Empowering Teachers Through Holoportation

The education sector is facing unprecedented challenges, but with our Holoportation technology, we can revolutionise how remote education is delivered.

Our innovative technology provides teachers with access to subject matter experts and experienced educators from anywhere, at any time. By bridging the gap between teacher shortages and experienced educators, we can improve the quality of education for students in need, especially in remote and underserved communities.

Through our Holoportation technology, we can empower teachers anywhere to provide remote students with the best possible education.

With its real-time, two-way communication capabilities, remote and graduate teachers can receive mentorship, support, and professional development opportunities, helping them to grow and develop their skills.


Provides Access to Quality Education

With the Holoportation technology, schools in remote and underserved areas can receive real-time or pre-recorded teaching sessions from subject matter experts and mentors, providing access to experienced educators and addressing teacher shortage issues.

Improve Student Outcomes

By bringing the best educators to every classroom, the program helps to level the playing field for students in remote and underserved areas, affording them the same opportunities for success as their peers in more metro areas.

Supports Professional Development

The innovative Holoportation technology offers remote educators the chance to participate in professional growth and mentorship, remote mentors can virtually attend classrooms, co-teach lessons, and assist teachers who may be struggling with the challenging subject matter.


How does LessonLink work?

Closing the gap: Bridging the teacher shortage while improving educational outcomes.

At LessonLink, we’re not just integrating technology into the classroom; we're transforming the educational experience by making it borderless and dynamic. Discover how our cutting-edge holoportation technology is creating unparalleled learning opportunities.

The Holoportation Studio Setup

Our journey begins with the establishment of a state-of-the-art holoportation studio. Equipped with the latest in capture technology, this space is where educators are transformed into live holograms.

From high-definition cameras to advanced lighting systems, every element is designed to replicate the teacher’s presence as if they were standing in the classroom itself. Teachers can move freely, use real-time props, and interact with their environment – all captured and transmitted live and with two way real time communication.

Real-time Classroom Integration

Once the teacher is holoported, the magic happens. In the receiving classroom, a holographic display endpoint renders the teacher’s lifelike image in full-scale 3D.

Students can see and interact with the holoported teacher as they would with a teacher physically present, enabling real-time engagement. Our proprietary ultra-low-latency systems ensures that the teacher’s gestures, expressions, and voice are synchronously shared, fostering an authentic two-way communication not replicated via traditional video systems. 

Interactive Teaching Experience

The result is a fully interactive teaching experience. Students are not just passive recipients; they can ask questions, receive individual attention, and engage in group activities guided by the holoported teacher.

The technology supports multiple learning styles with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic cues, making the educational experience richer and more diverse. Teachers can even annotate and share digital resources live, further enhancing the learning process.

Furthermore, the system integrated with digital whiteboard solutions such as MS Teams and Zoom whiteboard. 

Together, these three steps culminate in a teaching and learning experience that transcends physical barriers, bringing education to life in unimaginable ways. With LessonLink, the future of education is not just near – it's here.

One-to-One, or One-to-Many

LessonLink's Holoportation technology can be used in either a one-to-one or one-to-many education model. In the one-to-one model, remote educators can offer individualised attention and support to on-site educators and their classrooms.

In the one-to-many model, remote educators can deliver captivating and interactive lessons to one, five, or even 100 classrooms at the same time. This flexibility allows LessonLink to cater to different educational needs and geographic.

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an Enabling technology

The ability to 'beam' semi-retired, part-time, or niche subject matter experts and mentors into classrooms opens up a new pool of experienced educators who can support remote teachers with on-demand mentoring and assistance.

This provides a new solution to teacher shortages and an opportunity for semi-retired educators to continue positively impacting the education sector without having to ‘return’ to the classroom.

The flexibility of the technology also allows these teachers to participate from the comfort of their homes, reducing the need for physically relocating or travelling. This offers a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between shortages and experienced educators, improving the quality of education for students in need.

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Revolutionising Education Through Holoportation with LessonLink

LessonLink stands at the forefront of educational innovation, where the term 'cutting-edge' is not just a label but our mission. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to merge advanced holoportation technology with pioneering pedagogy, ensuring our solutions are not just technologically superior but also heartfelt and intuitive.

Join us on this transformative journey, where we blend easy-to-use, yet sophisticated technology with the human touch and where every session is a stride towards a boundless educational experience no matter your postcode. 

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