LessonLink Transforms Remote Learning with Direct Access to Subject Experts.

With LessonLink, the geographical barriers that once limited educational opportunities are dissolved, allowing students in the most remote corners of the country to engage with top educators in their fields.

This cutting-edge holoportation technology doesn't just beam in a face and a voice—it delivers the full presence of a subject expert into the classroom. Whether it's a seasoned mathematician, a bilingual author, or a scientist making strides in renewable energy, LessonLink enables these professionals to step right into the learning space, offering a richer, more nuanced educational experience.

Students can observe and interact with these experts as if they were physically present, benefiting from their deep knowledge and passion for the subject matter. This immediacy and authenticity of communication foster a deeper connection and understanding, making learning more impactful and inspiring.

With LessonLink, the best educators are not a world away—they are as close as the nearest holoportation-enabled classroom, ready to ignite curiosity and cater to the learning needs of every student.

Seamless Integration with existing Classroom Tools

Through holoportation, educators interact in real-time with both students and the digital tools essential to modern education. Digital whiteboards become canvases for exploration, where holoported teachers can draw, annotate, and share materials directly onto the board as seamlessly as if they were physically present.

Humanising Remote Instruction

We believe in the power of presence. Holoportation humanizes remote teaching by allowing full-body interaction. Teachers can convey information through gestures and body language, forging a connection that feels more personal and less mechanical than traditional video calls, which often reduce participants to talking heads.

Promotes Dynamic Engagement with Multi-Sensory Input

Every lesson is crafted into an engaging, multi-sensory narrative where teachers can share a variety of digital resources and multimedia content. This dynamic approach caters to various learning styles and makes every session uniquely effective.


Unlocking New Dimensions in Learning with LessonLink

At the heart of LessonLink, innovation isn’t just a buzzword—it’s our driving force. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in education, integrating cutting-edge technologies and pioneering teaching methods to ensure that our holoportation system isn’t just state-of-the-art, but state-of-the-heart.

With each update, we equip educators with the most effective and engaging tools, empowering them to craft mesmerizing, interactive learning journeys. LessonLink isn’t just changing the game; it’s creating a whole new playing field where the physical distances collapse, where interactive learning knows no boundaries, and where every classroom can be a hub of inspiration, led by the finest teachers regardless of their location.

Step into the future with LessonLink, where technology meets humanity, and where every lesson is a leap towards an education without limits.



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If your school is navigating the challenges of teacher shortages, or you're looking to extend your educational impact, we invite you to step forward. Your early involvement could shape the future of remote learning.

Let's collaborate to transcend geographical boundaries in education. Be at the forefront of this technological leap and ensure every student receives the exceptional teaching they deserve.

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