The Future of Classroom Education.

LessonLink aims to address teacher shortages and maintain education standards with an innovative pilot program using Holoportation technology.



The education sector in Australia is facing a critical shortage of teachers that are expected to worsen in the coming years.

With more than 50% of schools already impacted and teacher turnover on the rise, this shortage is a significant threat to the quality of education in the country

This issue is particularly pronounced in rural and remote areas, where schools need help to attract and retain teachers. 

Immediate action is crucial to saving our education system and securing access to quality education for future generations.


Teacher Holoportation, you say?

Using Holoportation technology, we aim to provide schools with access to the best and most passionate educators, regardless of location.

The program bridges the gap between schools facing staffing challenges and the experts they need, delivering niche subject teachers directly to the classroom.
This technology involves "Hubs" and "End Points". 

  • "Hub" schools host the teleportation studios, allowing for the transfer of teacher talent to one or multiple "End Point" schools. 
  • “End Point” schools could be located anywhere in the country that receives the ‘teleported’ teacher talent directly to the classroom/s - yes, one to one, or one to many!

A school can function as both a Hub and End Point. 


How can we participate?

We are actively seeking out schools that are facing staffing challenges and are in need of innovative solutions to support the education sector.

Our vision is to have at least 20 hub and endpoint schools from each state participate in the program initially, which will help us better understand the needs of schools across different geographic regions.

We are open to interest from public and private schools, especially those in regional and rural areas, but we encourage urban schools to be involved. 

By establishing close relationships with all stakeholders and gathering feedback, we aim to ensure that the program delivers the desired outcomes for the education sector.

The first LessonLink in school is expected to start beaming teachers into regional areas in..









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Our Mission:

Is to empower passionate educators to reach every student and provide them with the best education possible through cutting-edge technology, collaboration and continuous innovation.


What is LessonLink?

LessonLink is a technology-driven program designed to link experienced teachers and subject matter experts to classrooms on demand.

Using the latest in holoportation technology, our program makes it possible for remote (and metro!) teachers and students to receive direct support and coaching from experienced teaching staff in real-time.


How does it work?

LessonLink works by connecting "HoloHub" schools to "HoloBox" Endpoint schools.

HoloHub schools are equipped with advanced holoportation filming technology to project live holograms of teachers and subject matter experts directly into classrooms fitted with HoloBoxes. 

Endpoint schools receive on-demand and live expert support in real-time.


Who can participate in the program?

The pilot program is open to all institutions within Australia's education sector, including public and private schools, universities, RTOs, and TAFE facilities. Our goal is to offer this innovative solution to as many students and teachers as possible, regardless of their location or type of institution.

This technology has the potential to revolutionise the way education is delivered, and we are excited to bring it to a broad audience.